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It's really important to us to hear what our customers have to say about us and more importantly, this should give a potential new customer the confidence to hear from others as to what makes Audi Unitrans stand out from the rest.

Hi Haley
On Tuesday my Audi suddenly had warning lights come on and lost all power. It was towed to The Glen who initially told me that the car could only be worked on, on Thursday.
Glen phoned me on Wednesday to say that they had identified the fault being a faulty sensor. To replace the entire unit would have been over R6 000 but would come back to me. They then phoned to say that the car had been repaired and without the expensive part.
My sincere and grateful thanks to Glen and his team as the above story is the reason why I am onto my 4th Audi and would never consider having my car looked after at any other place than the Glen.

Colin Brull - FCIS - reviewed Audi The Glen – 08 December 2017